Thought Squad – A company that really cares

May 6, 2011 Off By Eric Jensen
Thought Squad Spy logo

Thought Squad

Thought Squad, a small LA graphic design firm, is a great example of a company that cares for their fans and is truly passionate about what they do.

When you meet with them the creativity and energy explodes around you; books, logos, websites, music. If you are a customer you feel cared for. They genuinely take an interest in who you are and the passion that drives your business. This creates a real trust. When you are in a crunch, you can give them the ball and they will create something new and exciting; and hit your deadline.

When I wrote music for a living this was the experience I tried to give my clients. Music was an abstraction they couldn’t clearly visualize and the production process was beyond their technical skills. My clients were producers, directors and writers; creatives who needed a musical partner that could add a new aesthetic layer to their vision. Nothing was more satisfying to me than playing music for the first time and seeing that big smile light up … knowing I had hit the emotional vein.

This has nothing to do with ‘social media’ but everything to do with successful business…

Amazing Work + Genuine Caring = Fans who will talk about you

I am not a visual designer and it is a great experience to be on the other side of that equation; to know that there is someone I can trust to capture the essence of what I do.

How do you care for your customers? What turns them into Super Fans?