Brandon Bernstein pays tribute to Jimmy Wyble…

Guitarist Brandon Bernstein pays tribute to the late, great, Jimmy Wyble in this beautiful version of Sammy Kanh’s, I’ll Be Seeing You.

Brandon has a new release coming out featuring himself, Aaron Shragge (trumpet), Matt Otto (tenor), Greg Leisz (pedal steel/dobro), Ryan McGillicuddy (bass),  & Jason Harnell (drums) playing the music of Tom Waits. Look for a full review here. Enjoy!

Sid Jacobs demonstrates Jimmy Wyble’s Two Line Improvising techniques

Master guitarist Sid Jacobs demonstrates two line improvisation techniques developed by the late, Jimmy Wyble. Jimmy’s contributions to the art of guitar playing have influenced guitarists around the world, but particularly in Los Angeles where he was best known. Sid is a world renowned performer and teacher who has incorporated Jimmy’s wisdom into his own amazing style. He will be part of a tribute to Jimmy coming up in April at Vitello’s in Studio City.

Look for Sid at upcoming Wirechoir gigs and on the LA club scene. Enjoy!

Part 6: SLGQ Interview – Ken explains ‘Parallels’ and demos wild and crazy Ebow techniques…

OK, Ebow fans…this is the clip you’ve been waiting for. At about 1:10 Ken demonstrates the prepared guitar techniques involved in Rob Wannamaker’s piece, ‘Parallels’…slides, Ebow, hair scrunchies, and BBQ skewers…I love it!

Heading into the clip I had asked Ken about the meter and tempo of the piece. To the listener it appears to have no time; a floating continuous ensemble chord; the inner voices gradually shifting the tonality. Check this one out…

Part 5: Shadow Language Guitar Quartet interview

In Part 5 of our conversation Ken Rosser describes each of the pieces from the Shadow Language Guitar Quartet debut performance…

Follow Me by Paul Lansky
American Thighs by Betsey Biggs
Time Enough by Mick Goodrick
Parallels by Rob Wannamaker
and finally…
Motormouth by Fred Frith
Ken describes the musical character of each composition and the unique challenges presented by the performance techniques.

Part 1: Shadow Language Guitar Quartet interview

The Shadow Language Guitar Quartet is an electric guitar ensemble organized by guitarist Ken Rosser. This extraordinary group of musicians recently debuted at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, performing pieces by Paul Lansky, Betsey Biggs, Mick Goodrick, Rob Wannamaker, and Fred Frith.

Electric guitar ensembles are something I have always been involved with. The instrument’s iconoclastic nature makes it a versatile tool in the hands of a skilled composer and an exceptional ensemble.

In this chapter Ken discusses his longstanding interest in guitar chamber music and the origins of this group. In the chapters that follow he discusses the other musicians and the repertoire of their debut gig. In the final chapters Ken demonstrates some of the unique techniques involved in Rob Wannamaker’s piece and gives us a taste of Mick Goodrick’s music.