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Following the Money – Alternative music revenue streams for musicians

February 8, 2012 Off

A bucket under every drip… I recently had the opportunity to research and write a piece for Berklee Today magazine exploring lesser known revenue streams for composers and musicians. In today’s music industry, tapping every revenue source is key, particularly for independent artists. Thinking like an entrepreneur and getting ahead of the curve with new technologies…

By Eric Jensen

California Copyright Conference: The Future of the Latin Music Market

February 9, 2011 Off

On February 8, 2011 The California Copyright Conference hosted a panel discussing the current state and future possibilities of the Latin music market, organized and co-moderated by Eric Palmquest – Director, Disney Music Publishing and Marissa Lopez, Associate Director, Latin Writer/Publisher Relations at BMI. The panel featured: Richard Bull – President of The Sixth House,…

By Eric Jensen

California Copyright Conference : “The Music Industry: A Survival Guide for the Future”

October 13, 2010 Off

Tuesday evening’s panel at the California Copyright Conference dinner in Sherman Oaks was quite upbeat considering the many uncertainties of these times. The panel, moderated by Shawn LeMone, ASCAP’s VP of Film/TV and Visual Media, and Diane Snyder-Ramirez, VP of Royalty Accounting and Administration at The Royalty Review Council, consisted of: Russell Emanuel, CEO, Extreme…

By Eric Jensen

(Re)Defining Music as Business

March 3, 2010 Off

The Internet has made music creation and distribution available to everyone, processes traditionally handled by record labels. The responsibility for managing marketing and music publishing now fall squarely on the artist. Because of the massive amount of material on the Internet it is very challenging to rise above the noise and distinguish yourself. While running…

By Eric Jensen