The amazing Sid Jacobs pays tribute to Jimmy Wyble…

On April 17, 2010 a host of guitarists paid tribute to the late, great Jimmy Wyble.  Sid Jacob’s performances particularly hit me. I have the honor to share a chair in the LA Wirechoir with Sid and I am always in awe of his guitar mastery.

Terry Carter documented the concert and you can follow the link to both of Sid’s performances here:

Sid Jacobs from the Jimmy Wyble Tribute

Jimmy was an extraordinary musician and human being who deeply touched everyone who knew him. The memorial concert was heartfelt, drawing stellar musicians from all over the country to pay tribute to this wonderful man. Thank you Jimmy!

Enjoy Sid Jacobs’ Gershwin medley below…

Brandon Bernstein pays tribute to Jimmy Wyble…

Guitarist Brandon Bernstein pays tribute to the late, great, Jimmy Wyble in this beautiful version of Sammy Kanh’s, I’ll Be Seeing You.

Brandon has a new release coming out featuring himself, Aaron Shragge (trumpet), Matt Otto (tenor), Greg Leisz (pedal steel/dobro), Ryan McGillicuddy (bass),  & Jason Harnell (drums) playing the music of Tom Waits. Look for a full review here. Enjoy!

Sid Jacobs demonstrates Jimmy Wyble’s Two Line Improvising techniques

Master guitarist Sid Jacobs demonstrates two line improvisation techniques developed by the late, Jimmy Wyble. Jimmy’s contributions to the art of guitar playing have influenced guitarists around the world, but particularly in Los Angeles where he was best known. Sid is a world renowned performer and teacher who has incorporated Jimmy’s wisdom into his own amazing style. He will be part of a tribute to Jimmy coming up in April at Vitello’s in Studio City.

Look for Sid at upcoming Wirechoir gigs and on the LA club scene. Enjoy!