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Jazz as a business model

June 9, 2010 Off

OK, let’s face it. It’s not easy making money as a jazz musician. As a matter of fact, today it is probably more difficult than it has ever been. The audience is understandably small because the music is sophisticated. It requires the listener’s complete attention and an inherent interest in the format. Nonetheless there are…

By Eric Jensen

Audio quality in the digital age

May 10, 2010 Off

10 years ago with the introduction of audio compression technologies such as MP3 & AAC, it became possible to shrink digital audio file sizes and enable distribution across the Internet. While there was a distinct loss in audio quality (file sizes were typically one tenth of the original), the average music fan didn’t seem to…

By Eric Jensen

Indie music mogul: The net’s great for us.

May 5, 2010 Off

A nice interview on the state of indie labels and the future of the business with Martin Mills head of Beggars Group. Read the full article here. A few quotes: “The internet has improved things radically for independents…There’s fewer gatekeepers now. We don’t have to knock on a TV station’s door or a radio station’s…

By Eric Jensen