Support live music in LA…

January 27, 2010 Off By Eric Jensen

One of the things I have really enjoyed since moving to Los Angeles a few years ago is the incredible wealth of skilled musicians living here. The boom years of the recording industry attracted and developed a remarkable pool of talent. One could work in music in this town for decades and still not meet half of the great players and writers.

The live instrumental music scene in LA is perplexing. Any night of the week you can hear world class musicians that would be A Big Event anywhere else, particularly outside of the United States, yet the local scene never seems to take off. I would love to do my part to instigate change. One of the best ways to start change in a difficult situation is to figure out what’s already working and do more of that. On that note I have some ideas to start a conversation with local music fans:

  1. CD release parties and special gigs always seem to be well attended by friends who generally spread the word. Even if you don’t get out to see all the shows you would like, keep track of what’s happening each week in the clubs and post upcoming gigs by your favorite artists on Facebook, Twitter, your blog. It only takes a minute.
  2. Email artists you like. Get on their mailing lists. Ask them what they are doing to promote local music and what you can do to help. Are they using social networking and the web to it’s fullest potential? What clubs do they like best and where do they see the most potential growth? Let them know you’re a fan!
  3. Become a fan of local musicians and venues on Facebook, etc. Comment on gigs you like and let the club owners know what’s working.
  4. Blog about local music. Spread videos and recommendations.
  5. If you don’t know where to find great live instrumental music contact me and I’ll share what I know!
Any other ideas?