Silicon Ranch’s holistic approach to solar development

Silicon Ranch’s holistic approach to solar development

January 9, 2023 Off By Eric Jensen

Update from the What’s Working Department:

As reported by Canary Media’s Julian Spector, Tennessee-based solar energy pioneer Silicon Ranch raised another $600 million in equity investment to further its holistic brand of solar development.

The company, which was launched in 2011, remains independent despite the industry trend toward consolidation. 

Silicon Ranch takes a capital-intensive approach to development, purchasing, rather than leasing the land it builds on, establishing the company as a trustworthy partner with local communities. Their uniquely sustainable approach to land management explores ways to graze livestock alongside solar panels, enhancing the local ecosystem. 

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to recycling as the first utility-scale customer of Solarcycle.  The founders come from roles in the administration of former Tennessee governor Phil Bredsen (D). Grounded in rural economic development strategy, Silicon Ranch is also working to develop a more domestic supply chain.

You can read more at Canary Media and Silicon Ranch’s websites.