RCM: Creativity, problem solving, and skill building resources

A list of creativity, problem-solving, skill-building and teaching/coaching resources. referenced in my recent seminar at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden:

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2 thoughts on “RCM: Creativity, problem solving, and skill building resources”

  1. Thanks for an amazing lecture in Stockholm!

    It contained a lot of interesting information to go through, and several eye-openers for me.
    For example the way you described that companies build their business model. First they identify needs/problems, then they create a solution, test it and THEN they create the product – but musicians start the other way around. That really explains my confusion when I’ve listened to all the Business start-up seminars I’ve attended lately : )
    I’m also thankful for the tips on putting words on how we create value with music.

    You kindly asked if you could hear some of my music, and if you have the time, please check out the music section of my website http//:www.grobemusic.com
    If you want to pick one song to hear – choose “As the River Flows”, nr 2 in the second section.

    I’ll follow your blog, it seems interesting!

    All the best,

    Maria Gronlund
    Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Thanks Maria! I am glad you liked the seminar. I will be adding more to the website soon so stay tuned! I will check out your music. Best of luck with everything. -Eric

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