Climate Change Resources and Reporting

Climate Change Resources and Reporting

May 13, 2021 Off By Eric Jensen

A brief list of reliable resources to be updated regularly:

The New Yorker: Bill McKibben’s “Annals of a Warming Planet” weekly column; a broad view exploring the latest news and the societal impacts of the climate crisis.

Heated: “…a daily newsletter dedicated to original accountability reporting and analysis on the climate crisis…” from investigative journalist Emily Atkin.

Inside Climate News: Pulitzer Prize winning nonpartisan reporting on climate issues since 2007.

LA Times: Boiling Point newsletter. In-depth reporting from Times journalist Sammy Roth.

Yale Climate Connections: A wide variety of daily news stories; podcast and newsletter as well.

Project Drawdown: Climate solutions by sector as well as news and various publications.

Carbon Brief: UK-based resources and journalism.

…more to come!