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October 30, 2010 Off

Check back often to catch the ongoing updates on my favorite books… Skill-Building and Performance Outliers – The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell – New York: Little Brown, and Company, 2008 Malcolm Gladwell explodes the myth that excellence is the result of some mysterious, innate talent. By examining research and the lives of a variety…

By Eric Jensen

The Judson Studios

May 23, 2010 Off

The other day an architect friend took me to The Judson Studios in the Garvanza (Highland Park) neighborhood of Los Angeles to view a project in progress. I knew a little about the building but had never had the opportunity to meet the artisans or see their stunning stained glass work up close. Everything about…

By Eric Jensen

Nonesuch knocks it out the park with Brad Mehldau’s ‘Highway Rider’

May 13, 2010 Off

Nonesuch Records is doing some very cool stuff with their promotion of the extraordinary Brad Mehldau recording, Highway Rider. The website is engaging and features an innovative scrolling musical score and a fascinating story book (with streaming audio) that takes the listener/viewer through the programmatic trajectory of this unique project. Highway Rider is available on…

By Eric Jensen

Rizzo, Breadman, Oles – March 5, 2010 at The Blue Whale, Los Angeles

March 8, 2010 Off

At The Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles last Friday night I was reminded of the spirit of openness and musical invention I experienced as a music student in Boston. I was quite fortunate to stumble into  a very inspiring, wide open, musical community. Gary Burton’s groups included groundbreaking guitarists Mick Goodrick and Pat Metheny and featured new composers…

By Eric Jensen