Coming together to fight climate change

60ed9c8ef85b5bbd6ea848b2411557261d6f4960A recent AP piece argues that climate change is the most polarizing current social issue because it stimulates our intuitive tendencies toward collective action or individualism. The logic makes sense but that isn’t what happened in WWII. The country came together and galvanized its resources to fight a global threat.

In The New Republic Bill McKibben makes a cogent argument that what is needed to battle climate change is a concerted national (and international) effort similar to what FDR instituted during the Second World War. The battle against climate change presents a unique opportunity to build a sustainable energy infrastructure, bolster our economy, and bring together our divided nation.

This is a long read but well worth it.

What can we do as individuals? Become active in local community politics, contact our elected representatives, support the development of renewable energy in the private  and public sectors, and track environmental leaders like McKibben and

Because climate change is developing over a relatively long trajectory relative to our evolutionary sense of danger, we have been kicking this can down the road for generations. The key to shifting our response is understanding the science and the implications for global security, economic stability, social justice, and general well-being.

REFUGEE at The Annenberg Space for Photography


I recently visited the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City, CA for the first time. The main space and Skylight Studios are in the middle of the Century City complex and you would never know they were there from the street. This felt elitist to me but the layout is nice, admission is free, and the underground parking is almost free with validation. The REFUGEE and NEW AMERICANS (Skylight Studios) exhibits were rich and powerful. An international team of photojournalists and professional photographers are working with the UNHCR to tell the human stories of the refugee crisis abound the world. There is a lot to absorb and this certainly changed my thinking about refugees, immigration, and the incredible human cruelty that has created this situation. I highly recommend this show which runs through August 21st.