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Thoughts on the DIY Utopia…

May 1, 2009 Off

Reading Paul Resnikoff’s article, The DIY Utopia, struck a chord with me. Jazz musicians and composers have been living under the radar of the pop music biz forever. Typically their ‘art’ is one of multiple music-related income streams. The quality of the music and the musicianship is key. Good music moves people, brings them together,…

By Eric Jensen

Music As a Career, Pt.1

February 12, 2009 Off

Over time, professional musicians can lose their spark after years of unexpected challenges in an ever changing and highly competitive industry. The profound love and commitment to the power of music can become tempered by the harsh realities of making a living. There’s an old joke: Q: How do you get a musician to complain?A:…

By Eric Jensen

What happened to all the good music?

January 21, 2008 Off

Much is being said these days about the huge changes in the record industry. Future business and marketing models have been endlessly discussed. Music piracy, the drop in CD sales and the bloated overhead of an industry built on an international hit-driven model. The industry sustained itself for years getting consumers to replace their LP…

By Eric Jensen

CD Baby and Snocap

October 24, 2007 Off

The story of CD Baby’s partnership with Snocap struck a real chord with me.Technology has played a powerful role in the transformation of the music industry, starting with wire and tape recorders, the phonograph, and the electric guitar. In the 1980s other musicians and I would joke about “phoning in our parts.” It’s not a…

By Eric Jensen