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Nonesuch knocks it out the park with Brad Mehldau’s ‘Highway Rider’

May 13, 2010 0

Nonesuch Records is doing some very cool stuff with their promotion of the extraordinary Brad Mehldau recording, Highway Rider. The website is engaging and features an innovative scrolling musical score and a fascinating story book (with streaming audio) that takes the listener/viewer through the programmatic trajectory of this unique project. Highway Rider is available on…

By Eric Jensen

Audio quality in the digital age

May 10, 2010 2

10 years ago with the introduction of audio compression technologies such as MP3 & AAC, it became possible to shrink digital audio file sizes and enable distribution across the Internet. While there was a distinct loss in audio quality (file sizes were typically one tenth of the original), the average music fan didn’t seem to…

By Eric Jensen