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Selling the DIY Dream

December 9, 2010 Off

The larger music business has always contained a smaller industry focused on selling the dream of success to independent musicians. In the Go-Go record label days, this involved access to decision makers and copious amounts of advice on making your music more “commercial”. Musicians hoped that  Mr. Big would hear their amazing song, fall in…

By Eric Jensen

Career Tracks: Chi McClean, Part 3

November 3, 2010 Off

Photo by Andrew Keller Chi McClean is an independent singer-songwriter currently touring in support of his 2009 release, Something Out There. In Part 3 of our conversation Chi discusses music publishing, endorsements, branding, and his next release. Read Part 1 Read Part 2 How are you handling your music publishing? CM: I set up McClean…

By Eric Jensen

California Copyright Conference : “The Music Industry: A Survival Guide for the Future”

October 13, 2010 Off

Tuesday evening’s panel at the California Copyright Conference dinner in Sherman Oaks was quite upbeat considering the many uncertainties of these times. The panel, moderated by Shawn LeMone, ASCAP’s VP of Film/TV and Visual Media, and Diane Snyder-Ramirez, VP of Royalty Accounting and Administration at The Royalty Review Council, consisted of: Russell Emanuel, CEO, Extreme…

By Eric Jensen

Career Tracks: Chi McClean, Part 2

October 2, 2010 Off

In Part Two of my conversation with indie singer-songwriter Chi McClean we discuss the importance of building personal relationships with fans and industry partners and the challenges of doing it all yourself…Chi is currently recording his second record. You can find out more about Chi on his website: and pick up his music at…

By Eric Jensen

Career Tracks: Chi McClean, Part 1

September 3, 2010 Off

Photo by Andrew Keller This is Part 1 of an interview with indie artist, Chi McClean, the latest installment in the occasional Career Tracks series of interviews. You can read Part Two of our conversation here. Chi McClean is a singer-songwriter with an intimate, down-home style and classic California good looks. Originally from New York,…

By Eric Jensen

Can Positive Deviance identify successful outliers in the music industry?

August 6, 2010 Off

Positive Deviance (PD) is an approach to problem-solving that has proven to be highly effective at facilitating systemic social change in situations that appear hopeless or intractable. The basic idea is simple: focus on the successful exceptions, not the failing norm. In their fascinating book, The Power of Positive Deviance – How Unlikely Innovators Solve the…

By Eric Jensen

Record Labels & Modern Music Industry Careers

August 3, 2010 Off

In the DIY discussions of the last ten years the utopian idea that artists somehow don’t need “record labels” has been promulgated as the beginning of a new era, but how that career management void would be filled has never been entirely clear. In the most general sense, a “record label” is the total, organizing,…

By Eric Jensen