A Mother’s Day Change Up – Two Extraordinary Women

May 8, 2011 Off By Eric Jensen

I’m taking a break today from the usual stuff to acknowledge two extraordinary woman I am very fortunate to call friends.

Nancy Santullo
Nancy on the river

Nancy Santullo is a former fashion photographer who has dedicated herself to bringing clean water to the children of the Peruvian rainforest. When Nancy is not heading up river she is advocating at the United Nations. In eight years she and her team have brought clean water to two remote villages serving over 450 adults and children.

You can find her story here and learn out more about her organization by visiting: Rainforest Flow: A House of the Children Project.

Virginia Paca
Virginia in her garden

Virgina Paca is an architect and garden designer in Pasadena, California who had a simple idea: She wanted to grow her own food and connect with local farmers and businesses. Her garden took off,  and at the height of the economic downturn she began giving away her abundance of organic produce. Each week she prepares beautiful baskets overflowing with fruits and vegetables and hand delivers them to a food bank, local businesses, and friends.

You can follow her story, and take a peek inside her wonderful garden here.

Thanks to The Woman’s Eye for profiling these two extraordinary women … and many more.

Happy Mother’s Day!